Demystifying the Feminine Body Unleashing the Feminine Spirit

I’ve held the hands of thousands of women around the world, from
Ghana to Haiti to Central America, and all across the North America,
supporting them through all of their seasons of change.

Whether they were giving birth, embracing menopause, or growing a multi-million dollar business,
women have turned to me for support with their physical, emotional, and sexual health.

“My family has a history of hysterectomy and fibroid surgery.
With all the symptoms I was experiencing,
I wanted to educate myself. This was a life investment.”

“When I joined your program, I was feeling out of whack. I woke up exhausted, even if I slept a full eight hours. I had weight gain. My metabolism had changed, and I felt like my hormones were out of balance. And most of all my periods were very uncomfortable. And yet, I was just plugging away at life and doing what I needed to get by.

It was difficult to be present with my four-year-old daughter, which takes quite a bit of energy, and I’m a dancer, so my endurance, creativity, and expression were stunted. It was hard to remember the choreography or dream up new choreography for my students.

Working with Maraya and the nutritionist changed everything. I felt like my body started repairing immediately. I stopped having those crashes mid-day. When I woke up in the morning, I no longer felt like junk. I had energy. I open my eyes, and I am ready to go. I’m spending more time outdoors and maintaining a challenging dance schedule. My cycle rebalanced, and my libido increased. I even lost 10 pounds. The fear about my family history started to go away because I knew I was taking care of my body.”

- Debra McGee

Credentials from 20+ Years
in Women’s Health

After enjoying a full-ride scholarship to Yale, where I learned a mainstream approach to women’s health as a Nurse Practitioner, with the ability to venture into private practice, with hospital privileges and all the mainstream medical “checkboxes”, I chose to go deeper, weaving a tapestry of expertise designed to address every level of a woman’s well-being:

  • Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • Certified Doula
  • Midwife
  • Herbal medicine
  • Peruvian Shamanism
  • Reiki
  • Hawaiian La’au Lapa’au

In my world, there is no forbidden fruit (except judgment.)
It’s time for you to feel hot, happy, and healthy.

I’ll take you under my wing with my team of multi-disciplinary health experts & we’ll guide you every step of the way.

“When I decided to adopt the belief that
I AM HEALTH, I attracted Maraya.”

“There is this confidence and knowing that Maraya is there to be alongside you and to
support you in a way that feels good to you. Because she made an effort to get to know me,
I didn’t have to do things that didn’t align with me, like counting calories, measuring
my body, and tracking my food. I am not a before & after picture. The work with Maraya led to
a total health transformation. There was a whole other life available to me that I couldn’t see.”

– Kathleen Cameron
Wealth & Manifestation Coach

My Method to Unlocking Inhibition
& Inspiring Transformation

Our modern approach to health and wellness has literally sucked
the joy out of most women:
  • struggling to wade through all of the misinformation out there
  • being told their health is “just fine” when they don’t feel fine
  • saddened with the “common” signs of aging (that may be
    common but aren’t normal!)
  • taking on restrictive, punishing diets
  • overexercising or being sedentary
  • criticizing their bodies and focusing too much on the scale
  • feeling sluggish, uninspired, and heavy
  • pining for a sex drive that’s years or decades long-gone

This is no way to live!

Instead, we focus on our
chemistry + our consciousness.

Your Chemistry

Hormones are one of the keys to living an energized, turned-on life.
Your mood, libido, and even weight management stem from a
symphony of chemicals in your bloodstream that makes life feel like
magic or total mayhem.

And guess what the keys are to balancing your hormones? Nutrition. Mindset. Soul work. Personalized Supplementation.

Food is medicine. What we put in our bodies literally becomes our cells. Your food choices either fuel you or drain you. They either restore you or put your body into fight or flight – but that doesn’t mean that grilled chicken and kale are the only things on the menu! I teach you how to eat, move, and supplement for a delicious, juicy hormonal masterpiece.

Your Consciousness

Dropping a few pounds or picking up a new recipe is great but these tactical shifts will not fundamentally change you.

When we work together, your universe will shift on its axis as you
reorient and reframe every belief you have about caring for your mind
and body.

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You’ll unravel negative lifestyle and thought patterns and adopt healthy inspiring ways to live, so you can fulfill your highest potential. The biggest saboteurs I see that prevent women from having the deeply satisfying wellness they want are:

Body shame
Not prioritizing their own wellness
Overcommitting their schedule
Putting family before their needs
Negative self-talk
Lack of a real wellness foundation
Using the “busy” as an excuse to avoid making yourself a priority

We’ll cover all of this together through our work but it all starts with releasing the excuse that you’re “too busy” and beginning to prioritize feeling good.

“Maraya had never met me before, and just looking at
my video on Zoom, she could tell I had thyroid issues.”

“I really didn’t understand how gut health affected everything else, and I didn’t know how good healthy food tastes! I had a long series of follow-ups with endocrinologist, and they told me I needed surgery to get my thyroid taken out. So I was looking for a natural remedy.

When I met Maraya, life was controlling me. I wasn’t controlling it. I tended to put everyone else and everything else in my life on the front burner. I put my business on the front burner, my family on the front burner, and I always get the leftovers. She made me realize that none of that’s gonna change unless I change it. So I joined the program because I just wanted to choose me, and I deserve it.

In the program, we really worked on the boundaries. Maraya could see my exhaustion. Life was too chaotic to be intimate. And my childhood was traumatic. So there’s a wonderful mindset coach in the program. We addressed my hormone imbalances, so I’m no longer sluggish in the evening, and my energy is pretty stable throughout the day. Maraya was my journey to intentional self-care. My journey to great sex. My journey to pleasure. She was the catalyst for my journey to a healthier me.”

- Wanda Watson

Why I Work in Women’s Health

In my early 20’s, I had a healthy 6-figure salary working in Corporate America, flying all over the country, wearing business suits and stilettos. I was earmarked for leadership and was being groomed into an executive day by day.

In November of 2000, my best friend from high school was pregnant, and she asked me to be at her birth. As I held her hand and watched the baby emerge from her body, I felt completely in my element.

In the quiet of the afterglow, my friend looked up at me and said, “The only voice I heard the whole time was yours. The only touch I felt was yours. Maybe this is what you were meant to do?” In my heart, I knew she was right.

So I became a doula, volunteering in labor and delivery at UCLA Santa Monica, taking night classes, and soon put in my two weeks’ notice. After a one-year solo trip around the world, I was accepted at Yale and have been enraptured in supporting women’s health ever since.

Family & Personal Life

I met my husband Michael in Hawaii and he proposed on our first date. (No joke!) After talking all night into the wee hours of the morning, he looked into my eyes and said, “What would you say if I asked you to marry me?” And you know what I said? “Done.” We’ve been together ever since. He’s an incredible man with a huge heart and the father to my three children Kaimana, Tovah, and Sarah. He’s also a trained physical therapist and personal trainer, so I get the pleasure of working with him as we support several of my clients together. We live in Ashland, OR with our brand-new puppy Xena.

“Within a few months of working with Mayara,
I have more energy, better gut health, and better mental health.”

“I wanted to eat healthy but those foods made me bloated. Before working with Maraya, I worked with a Chinese medicine doctor for a year, hoping it would help with my gut health issues, but it never did. Now within a few months of working with Mayara, I have more energy, better gut health, and better mental health.”

- Becky Diaz

Building Women’s Vibrancy Code

The Women’s Vibrancy Code is the cornerstone program that I brought to market for the modern woman who wants a complete health and wellness transformation. When I started building the program, my husband had lost his job and didn’t find work for over a year. At the time, I was breastfeeding with 3 kids at home and unwilling to leave my children… but I knew I had to help bring in the finances we needed as a family.

I also dreamed of using my gifts of alchemy, medicine, and soul work to serve women around the world while still being a present, stay-at-home mom. One day, while standing in line at the food bank, I conceived of an exclusive, intimate place where women could gather and gently transform their health and wellness from the ground up. Today, we have spoken to and served thousands of women through private, group, and pro bono support. I feel fueled and wealthy in every way, and let me tell you – there is no wealth like health.

Invite Maraya to Speak

Maraya loves to create unique and engaging keynotes for organizations seeking to empower women to optimal health. She speaks on topics including but not limited to:
  • Health & well-being for women leaders & entrepreneurs
  • Owning our femininity
  • Miscarriage, pregnancy, and loss
  • Sexuality, reproductive health, and intimacy
  • Optimal health for women in menopause and perimenopause
  • Masculine and Feminine energies
  • Being the CEO of your Health
  • How to reignite your libido & zest for life

“Definitely someone to bring in as a keynote speaker!”

“Maraya Brown was a powerhouse opening speaker for the Women’s Empowerment Summit. She brought energy, heart, and concise takeaways for everyone in the room. She had women standing, applauding, and crying.


We had some amazing speakers, such as Sharon Lechter, Forbes, Riley, and Kimi Verma. The event rocked the house, and Maraya was a perfect opening speaker. She was easy to work with and communicated promptly. Definitely someone to bring in as a keynote speaker!”

– Sharon Doyle
The Women’s Empowerment Summit, San Diego

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