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Very High - I feel energetic and vibrant throughout the day; rarely experience fatigue. High - Generally I have good energy levels but occasionally feel tired. Moderate - My energy levels fluctuate; I have balanced periods of energy and tiredness. Low - I often feel a lack of energy and experience regular fatigue. Very Low - I constantly feel drained and struggle with significant fatigue.
Well-Balanced - I effectively manage my professional responsibilities and personal life maintaining a healthy balance between the two. Somewhat Balanced - I strive for balance but often find my professional life taking precedence over personal time. Occasionally Balanced - There are moments when I achieve balance but it's not consistent; my professional or personal life can dominate at times. Rarely Balanced - I struggle to balance my professional success with my personal life; one significantly outweighs the other. Not Balanced - My professional life completely dominates leaving little to no time for personal activities or relaxation.
Fully Committed - I am completely dedicated and will take all necessary steps to achieve my health and wellness goals. Highly Committed - I am very serious about my goals and ready to make significant efforts to achieve them. Moderately Committed - I am committed to my goals but may face challenges in consistently putting in the effort. Somewhat Committed - While I am interested in achieving my goals I may struggle with motivation or consistency. Uncertain About Commitment - I am currently unsure about my level of commitment or ability to pursue these health and wellness goals.
Decisive and Highly Open: I make health-related decisions confidently and am highly open to new strategies and advice. Decisive and Open: I am confident in making health-related decisions and generally open to trying new methods though I may need some convincing. Moderately Decisive and Open: I can make health-related decisions but sometimes need extra time or information and am moderately open to new strategies. Indecisive but Open: I often hesitate in making health decisions but am open to new strategies and coaching. Indecisive and Resistant: I struggle with making health-related decisions and am hesitant or resistant to new methods and advice.
Fully Committed - I am highly dedicated to doing whatever is necessary to enhance my health and well-being understanding its impact on my life and work. Very Willing - I am prepared to significantly invest time effort and resources towards improving my health and well-being. Moderately Willing - I am open to investing in my health but I need to balance it with other commitments and responsibilities. Somewhat Hesitant - I am cautious about investing heavily in my health and prefer to take a more conservative approach. Not Ready at This Time - Currently I am not in a position to invest additional resources in my health and well-being.
Up to $50k USD $50k - $100k USD $100k - $300k USD $300k - $1M USD Greater than $1M USD

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