For Spectacular Women

Liberate your health, happiness, and sex drive for a
vibrant life that rewilds your spirit – awakens your
 body, and restores your vitality.

Maraya Brown, CNM, MSN

provides exclusive, concierge holistic care to some of today’s most impressive, powerhouse women – from billionaire businesswomen to domestic goddesses.

Join a lineage of women whose lives have been transformed.

“ Maraya helped me unravel the GI issues that were
plaguing me for years. I’ve got my health back.”

“When I looked in the mirror, I wasn’t seeing myself anymore, and for a time, I was just willing to accept that.
I was feeling failed by the medical system. I was going through, like a robot, in life. Now, after working with Maraya
for 12 months, I have my health back. I have unraveled the GI issues that were plaguing me for years.
I’ve reconnected with my family. I’m a partner to my husband again. My kids get the authentic me again.”

– Kate Peris
Stylist for Vogue Magazine

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Press pause for a moment, gorgeous powerhouse woman.
What is all your success worth if you don’t feel spectacular while doing it?

Let’s finally prioritize you.

Women often whisper to me,

"I've never said this out
loud before but..."

How do you have an orgasm?
why don't I feel vibrant anymore?
What's an anti-inflamatory diet?
Where is that weird smell coming from?

Women often whisper to me,

“I’ve never said this out
loud before but…”

How do you have an orgasm?
Why don’t I feel vibrant anymore?
What’s an anti-inflammatory diet?
Where is that weird smell coming from?

In my world, there is no forbidden fruit (except judgment.)
It’s time for you to feel hot, happy, and healthy.

I’ll take you under my wing with my team of multi-disciplinary health experts & we’ll guide you every step of the way.

“When I decided to adopt the belief that
I AM HEALTH, I attracted Maraya.”

“There is this confidence and knowing that Maraya is there to be alongside you and to
support you in a way that feels good to you. Because she made an effort to get to know me,
I didn’t have to do things that didn’t align with me, like counting calories, measuring
my body, and tracking my food. I am not a before & after picture. The work with Maraya led to
a total health transformation. There was a whole other life available to me that I couldn’t see.”

– Kathleen Cameron
Wealth & Manifestation Coach

You Deserve

  • An intimate, nurturing, loving relationship with
  • A liberated sex life full of pleasure and joy
  • A sustainable, juicy diet that gives you boundless energy + glowing skin
  • A gorgeous, delicious, thriving body that pulses with magnetic vibrancy
  • A life that feels spacious, purposeful, and uniquely you
A quick-fix mindset will never lead to a
luxurious, turned-on life.

Let’s change your identity at the deepest level, as you become a woman who deeply trusts herself, her body, and her lifestyle choices.

Ways to Work with Me

In this age of restrictive diets, mysterious health challenges, and band-aid care, we’ve forgotten the
ancient wellness wisdom – the keys to longevity – that our ancestors used to share by candlelight.
Come sit by me, Beautiful Soul. Let’s reignite your deepest knowing.

Which one feels like home for your soul?

Private Concierge Wellness

Receive support, attention, and care at
the highest level, as we create a total
wellness transformation – rebirthing your
vibrancy from head to toe.

Intimate Group Support

Immerse yourself in a whole new world of
ease, intuition, and pleasure, as you learn
to care for your body, mind, and soul – in
the Women’s Vibrancy Code.

“My brain fog has lifted, and I have my energy back!”

“I turned 50 the year I hired Maraya. I was a brand new empty nester, and I really wanted to do a better job
of caring for my health, as I was experiencing overwhelming exhaustion and fatigue. I wasn’t as alert
as I wanted to be, and then of course, there was the perimenopausal stuff too.

After a year in the program, working with Maraya and all of the master coaches, my days have felt lighter.
The brain fog has lifted. I’m energized. And I’ve allowed a lot more peace in my life.

As someone who is wildly ambitious and very action-oriented, it’s been great to see that doing less
doesn’t make you any less ambitious. We do not have to white knuckle it, my friends.
I’m even building my business with way less stress.”

– Mary Ann Lombardi
Business Launch Coach

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