A 1-Day Virtual Experience to
reconnect with yourself and your vitality because you’re not crazy, the world is.

My friend, have you ever noticed a woman walk into the room with an unmistakable glow and find yourself wondering, “what’s her secret?”

Meanwhile, you’re feeling exhausted and slightly resentful as you constantly prioritize everyone else over yourself. The burn out, the sluggishness.

And your light is…well, turned off.

Let’s take the pause you deserve and turn the lights back on. And ensure they are brighter and more radiant than ever.

It’s time for you to be and feel MAGNETIC!

You’rE exclusively invited to join us for


A 1-Day Virtual Experience to reconnect with yourself and your vitality because you’re not crazy, the world is.

Saturday - September 21st 2024 | 9am - 4pm PST

A pause from the craziness and relentlessness of life, work, motherhood, and entrepreneurship, so you can tap in, tune in and turn on the power and vitality that is asking to emerge. 

When you pause, you create space.

When you create space, you see clearly. 

When you see clearly, you are open to connection, confidence and expanded levels of capacity. 

Everything you desire and deserve is an inside job.

This is for the woman who:

  • Desires a spectacular and absolutely vibrant existence (more energy, better sleep, answers to hormonal challenges, ignited libido, deep connection in community, confidence that is palpable and a vision that is crisp/clear/sky high)
  • Is navigating perimenopause or menopause
  • Needs a pause (you know who you are)
  • Is willing to allow her needs to be a priority
  • Is ready to ascend out of the mud, put her wings on and soar.

Saturday - September 21st 2024 | 9am - 4pm PST

One-time investment of


Replay access for life

During our magical PAUSE day together, we will:

Connect as amazing powerhouse females, collaborate and co-create

Create crystal clear clarity on why we are together and your vision for the future

Dismantle what is in the way of your vitality and create a clear plan to expand your vibrancy.

Abolish the 6 main areas that keep women in “fine” and if addressed will transform a women’s life to feeling absolutely vibrant.

Create a personalized plan for more energy, stronger libido and
answers to all of the ‘pause questions

What we consume is what we become- you will leave this event with clarity on what needs to change

Unpack the metamorphic path of empowerment and gain confidence and self awareness of where you are and where you desire to go.

Learn to ask for what you need.

Hi, I’m Maraya Brown,

Yale and Functional medicine trained women’s hormones specialist and midwife. I help visionary women turn the lights back on.


I am the creator of The Women’s Vibrancy Code program and podcast, CEO, Retreat Host, MOM
and wife.


I teach and support women to rise from the mud and open their wings. We embrace the phases of life and celebrate all of it. My methodology incorporates 24 years of attending births, managing the women’s health in clinics, hospitals and homes around the world and of course believing in miracles.


I have served thousands of women across multiple continents to experience life transforming health, happiness, fulfillment and belonging. Vibrancy is the name of the game around here.

Hang with me and you’ll find yourself feeling deeply seen, saying things you never thought you’d say and
standing in your power in ways you didn’t know was possible. I’m a powerhouse of energy, believe change can actually be fun, especially when done in the right community and I am a midwife through and through. I flow and know that it’s always divine- all of it.

In short, I’m here to remind you how to feel spectacular, surrender deeply and trust- trust all of it and most importantly, yourself.

Give me one day, and I will give you your life back.


The most amazing part of this retreat has been the feeling of safety that you create and how you are able to give us permission to be who we are without judgment. In doing so everyone in the group is able to relax and do the same. It is hard to dissect what part was the best part. It is the very component of the retreat that seems to play a key role in getting us to the end and a new beginning of our journey. you are truly Illuminating and shine like a North star guiding us through the darkness.

I’m committed to continuing on the journey and excited to what is to come. I welcome the work in becoming who I am and showing myself to the world unapologetically. To anyone considering the retreat, I would tell them to take action, to not hesitate but to be ready to do the work!


I appreciate that Maraya sees me for who I can potentially be, not for who I currently am. She is safe and you feel that the minute you are in her presence.


First of all, thank you Maraya for giving me the tools to help me find myself. After college, marriage and children, I felt as though I had lost of a peace of who I truly am. The most amazing part of the retreat for myself was being surrounded by women and learning through them, their experiences and knowing I wasn’t alone. If you are contemplating attending any of Maraya’s classes, you are worth it. invest in yourself – you will not regret it. Thank you Maraya for being there for me, guiding me and helping me find the joy within myself that I knew I had.


Maraya, your approach and methods are Beyond description. you created a space that nurtured and cultivated Clarity and awareness that impacts in a very positive way my health, my perspective and my place in home, family and career.

If you are open to learning, gaining knowledge and understanding, then just say yes. I am forever grateful that I did.


“When I looked in the mirror, I wasn’t seeing myself anymore, and for a time,
I was just willing to accept that. I was feeling failed by the medical system. I was going through, like a robot, in life. Now, after working with Maraya for 12 months, I have my health back. I have unraveled the GI issues that were plaguing me for years.

I’ve reconnected with my family. I’m a partner to my husband again. My kids get the authentic me again.”

Kate Peris

“I turned 50 the year I hired Maraya. I was a brand new empty nester, and I really wanted to do a better job of caring for my health, as I was experiencing overwhelming exhaustion and fatigue. I wasn’t as alert as I wanted to be, and then of course, there was the perimenopausal stuff too.

After a year in the program, working with Maraya and all of the master coaches, my days have felt lighter. The brain fog has lifted. I’m energized. And I’ve allowed a lot more peace in my life.”

Mary Ann Lombardi

“I wanted to eat healthy but those foods made me bloated. Before working with Maraya, I worked with a Chinese medicine doctor for a year, hoping it would help with my gut health issues, but it never did. Now within a few months of working with Mayara, I have more energy, better gut health, and better mental health.”

Becky Diaz

“I had been bloated for so long, it was driving me nuts. A FODMAP trial hadn’t worked.

Maraya saw it more like this whole big picture and connected all of these dots. Following Maraya’s protocol, the bloating completely went away.”

Krista Vandersteen

We Are Better Together, And Together, We Rise!

Invite your sisters and loved ones… your mother, daughter, grandmother, best friend, co-worker… all are welcome.

No prior experience is necessary.

Bring five friends and I’ll refund your registration payment.

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