Honoring Grief

We recently sat down with Victoria Markham to talk about the work she does with women who are grieving. 

Victoria is a unique and powerful guide, teacher and educator and now filmmaker. 

She has set aside the mainstream way of “qualifying” herself with a list of degrees and certifications for a more personal, heart-centered delve into who she is so that you get a sense of her and where her work as a guide springs from. 

Victoria lost her 3-year-old son and has been to the depths of grief and beyond.

She was brought to the bottomless pit of grief thinking she would not come out, but against all odds, she did come out. Victoria has traveled the world and had deep interfaces with many cultures, original and modern.

We are honored to have been chosen by Victoria to present her Grief work to the world through sharing her documentary, and her course with our Beyond The Red Tent Sisters.