Activate your Wealth Consciousness

Everything is energy, money is energy. Wealth is energy.  Wealth has a level of consciousness that runs on its own frequency. 

When you tap into the energy of your wealth consciousness you expand the amount of wealth you can access in the Quantum Field. Activating the wealth within.

Everybody has a switch that goes “bring it to me!”, “more is coming to me!” and for many of us, we are not open to what is possible, we are not open to receiving this. Sometimes reality hits us hard and keeps us even further away from believing that it is indeed possible for us.

We tend to look for the physical evidence, the proof of this wealth not consistently coming in. So, how does someone go from that to knowing that it is coming?

It takes knowing that your current situation is not your final destination.

You have to believe that where you are now is not supposed to be it, for you. You will find yourself constantly reminded by the external – bills, the people around you, your thoughts that this belief might not be true for you but it takes wanting a different outcome and knowing that this is not it.

I want you to ask yourself what beliefs are showing up for you that are constantly reminding you that this current situation is the final destination? Why is it showing up for you and do you really believe that more is never coming your way? Why do you want more?

It’s all in the desire. Knowing the desire will start connecting you to the quantum field so guess what? If you cannot believe that more is coming, it won’t.

Right now I am in a place where I look at my money and know that more is coming but before, I was stuck in a belief that held me restrained – “there wasn’t more out there for coming for me” and this is called lack thinking.

We tend to go into a state of “lack thinking” – stagnancy, whereas we have to be in the state of “abundant thinking” and lack thinking will keep you in an energetic state and frequency of absolutely zero abundance – this is turning your money switch off.

If you believe that more and more exists then going back into a state of lack not only dims your energetic state but flips your money switch entirely off. 

So why do you want more money? What will you do with that money? Who will you be? Is it possible for you? If there is a possibility, it is there for you.

Connecting to your desires is one of the truest forms of activating wealth and allowing our desires and higher self to lead.

“Okay sure, but it takes so much physical work and drive right?”  Not at all! That’s just a belief. It’s a connected energy piece therefore believing is the receiving, believing is knowing that it is there and it’s making its way to you.

This is where the inner work starts. Being in an energetically open state to this belief connects you to this wealth. It flips your money switch on!

The reason why people who get money have more coming to them is because: Money goes where money goes. Money likes to follow money. Wealth likes to follow wealth.

Your wealth frequency and energetic vibration is what you have to shift into to believe that more is coming and this includes how you feel about the money that’s coming in or going out.  

A little pro tip: Cash is the feeling of wealth! We use so many cards that we have begun to disconnect from the feeling of what money and wealth feels like. So keep some cash in your wallet. No receipts or bills but cash!

There’s an energy around cash that infuses the mentality of wealth within you and having this as a reminder to look at every time you open your wallet will begin to encourage you to do more random acts of kindness, will encourage you to act and become the frequency of wealth itself.  

If you have any way to bring in some money into your business through a small/one-time offer or even just with all the stuff in your garage or home that you can sell, I encourage you to do that and start circulating the frequency of money – feel into that and what that feels like for you and go spend it, save some of it and spend some of it!

Do something with it for yourself and show the universe that you’re not afraid to spend this money because you know that more is coming for you and you know it, you believe it! 

Start looking at your biggest money block and turn this into a mantra/affirmation.

The identification and the moving away from your safety net is where you start changing your belief – schedule them as reminders on your phone with the intention of feeding your subconscious with better programs than the ones around money that’s currently running in your mind and all from a state of lack. 

The frequency of wealth is a vibration and if you keep looking at the reality you have right now you will not quantum leap but if you are able to move, see and believe beyond that – your money switch will flip on

💥 The frequency of the overflow of money is how the magic happens, it’s how your abundance turns on.

💥 The frequency of money is not better than you, in fact, it’s something that only you can define.

This week’s article was written by Shamina Taylor.

Shamina Taylor, Attorney and Wealth Expert & Mentor, helps high achieving women level up in their personal lives and in their businesses by teaching them how to become the most powerful, fulfilled, wealthy, and successful version of themselves.

With over 20 years of experience, Shamina is a top industry leader and has helped hundreds of women build their businesses, both on- and off-line. Her top clients are making up to $75k a month in recurring revenue and have multiple 7 figure businesses. Shamina herself has had a record breaking year. Despite the pandemic, her business crossed the 7 figure cash received mark in less than 12 months.

Shamina has spoken at Thinkific’s Online Course Success Summit, The Wealth Summit, The Intuitive Entrepreneur, The Smarter Income Stream and was the keynote speaker at Oneness Festival. She is the creator of Infinite Wealth, Irresistible Offers, Magnetic Power, Emotional Self Mastery, Activating your Instant Manifestation Process System, Be The Standout: Make Them Stop Their Scroll, Impact, Influence: Leverage Your Social Media and several other online programs.

With a following of over 45 thousand among her social media and email list she is a leading expert in marketing to organic and new businesses lead generation. For her expertise, Shamina has been featured on Washington DC’s ABC7, ABC Sacramento’s Your California Life, Medium’s Authority Magazine and Thrive Global. C’s ABC7ABC Sacramento’s Your California LifeMedium’s Authority Magazine and Thrive Global.

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