How Connecting The Body And Mind Facilitates Orgasm

Did you know flexibility can heighten your orgasm?

Increasing your flexibility can help stretch the pelvic floor muscles, elongate your performs, and strengthen the hip muscles that are needed to build the perfect orgasm.

A great orgasm is vital to healthy mental wellbeing. It releases oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. These are the “feel good” molecules, the neurotransmitters that excite our brains and our bodies in a way that resets and rejuvenates our limbic system.

An orgasm alleviates stress, makes us want to cuddle, helps us bond with the people close to us, and reminds us of our power, which is the recipe to a happy, balanced life.

Here’s why that’s important.

We are anxious bipeds surviving in a capitalistic society, made to feel like we are never good enough. And worst part is, sometimes we believe it. It feeds into anxiety, depression, low self-esteem. We forget who we are, we lose that inner strength.

There are many reasons why people struggle to reach orgasm. Society’s unrealistic expectations of women and micromanagement of the female body cause many of us to carry deep-seated insecurities and fears, often feeling perceived as being not enough.

We have also been conditioned to believe that medications are superior to holistic approaches as the best way to tame our anxious nervous system. But we know that’s not the case.

We know that the best thing to restore balance within ourselves is to tap into what is natural to us, reconnecting with our bodies in the way that we were evolved to. We’ve forgotten how to be in touch with ourselves. We’ve forgotten how to release tension and stress in the body the natural way.

Orgasming requires a strong, supportive neuromusculoskeletal framework involving: the lumbrosacral plexus, the superior and medial gluteals, the psoas and obturators, the vaginal floor muscles, the puborectalis, and the rectus abdominis.

With proper training in the Flexy Sexy program, we can flood the pudendal nerve en masse with action potentials never before seen up your spine and ultimately the sex centers of your brain for that delicious, explosive, neurotransmitter release.

Why Developing Flexibility helps:

An orgasm is a full-bodied experience. It exercises our heart, which increases circulation throughout the body. Being deeply in touch with every aspect of our bodies vastly expands our ability to feel pleasure.

Furthermore, flexibility and freedom in range of motion contribute to an overall sense of confidence and well-being in the body. When we enjoy and value our own bodies, it invites our partners to do the same.

This enables us to be more fully present during sex so that we can let go of any self-consciousness and be freed to focus fully on enjoying the connection with our lover.

My Approach: 

I want to help you come home to your body through a combination of developing your flexibility and strength, harnessing the grounding and centering power of the breath, and learning to use music as a medium to help you move organically.

Muscular imbalances and poor alignment can interfere with the ability to feel pleasure. We will start by focusing on improving physical mechanisms such as increasing hip rotation and building the glutes and muscles of the pelvic floor and proceed according to the unique needs of each individual’s body.

Targeted breathing exercises allow us to really get in touch with our bodies and focus on building a strong connection between the body and mind.

Finally, music meditation consists of allowing the music to flow through the body. As we learn to become more deeply in touch with the music, graceful, natural movement instinctively follows. 

In Conclusion:

Falling deeply in love with your own body will make you feel powerful and confident when having sex, and enable you to share yourself with a partner while being unapologetically yourself.

This change of mindset alters the very framework in which you are relating to a lover and is a game-changer in taking charge of your own happiness and pleasure. 

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This week’s article was written by Cherry Saimon.

Cherry Saimon is a feminine sensuality expert teaching various forms of sensual movement. Her expertise in teaching bachata, pole dancing, and flexibility led her to create her own company, Sensual Soul, which offers personalized coaching to women of all areas of interest.

Cherry helps her clients reconnect with their inner selves to strengthen their feminine power and achieve new levels of personal growth. She believes that cultivating a sensual identity can enhance not only self-love and relationships with partners but also career and professional goals.  

Cherry has helped several women completely transform their lives. Her unique coaching process allows clients to explore themselves in ways they never thought were possible before. From her experience as a single mother and the sole provider for herself and her young son, Cherry knows what it takes to be a strong, independent woman.

She is dedicated to instilling confidence in women around the world and believes that everyone has the power to become the best versions of themselves.

Cherry Saimon